Rapid and Secure Communication of Vulnerabilities During the Penetration Test via Lifeguard

Unlike other service providers, our clients do not wait 3-4 weeks until the report is delivered to address findings. Findings are immediately accessible via our proprietary pen test collaboration platform, Lifeguard™ on an ongoing basis, allowing our customers to remediate vulnerabilities ASAP. Our goal is to get to the end of the pen test window, whether that be a week or a month, and our customers have remediated significant findings, allowing us to produce a clean pen test report.

Free Remediation Validation Testing During the Penetration Test Window

Using the Lifeguard platform, customers tell us when they’ve remediated vulnerabilities, which allows our test team to validate that vulnerabilities have been successfully remediated as quickly as possible. If a vulnerability fails validation testing, it is re-opened, and the test team works with IT staff to ensure proper remediation occurs.

Decades of Experience Testing Mission Critical Networks Means Little Chance of Operational Impact

 Our test team has decades of experience testing mission-critical networks, such as SCADA, ICS, EMS and other networks that must remain 100% available. We are the only company that has conducted penetration testing for the National Weather Service for the past 7 years, testing ALL national mission critical networks that produce weather products for the general public, which directly affect life-safety for the population of the United States and many other countries. We conduct our testing carefully, which mitigates the risk of any operational impacts of penetration testing.

Free 45-day Trial of Lifeguard, our Continuous Penetration Testing Service

 Our clients that complete an external penetration test get 45 days of free daily penetration testing. During this time, the test team measures and monitors the external attack surface by conducting daily host discovery, port, and vulnerability scans, along with conducting hours of manual penetration testing each business day, discovery new vulnerabilities and validating the remediation of previously discovered findings.

Veteran-Owned Small Business, with U.S. Military Veterans Comprising 75% of our Staff

Being a small business, we are dedicated to providing a higher level of customer service while being agile to ensure our customers needs are met. By hiring military veterans that take pride in their work and have a high attention to detail, we’re able to almost guarantee a higher level of service. We don’t take the easy way out. Profits are not our only motive. Our very low turnover of our customer base is proof of this. Our oldest customer is 11 years old. We’ve been working with our second oldest customer for 9 years.

Our Reputation is Everything

We go the extra mile to ensure customers are happy and that we exceed all expectations. This results in a high customer retention rate and strong referrals for our services.

 We have strong references, so no need to take our word for it.